Digital Artist/Illustrator


Question: How long have you been doing art, what are your qualifications, and what tablet do you use?
Answer: Been drawing ever since I could pick up a pencil, though I got my very first graphic tablet on my 12th birthday in 2008. Beforehand, used a mouse with MSpaint and traditional.

I have a certificate 3 in information digital media and technology - 2D/3D modeling and animation, introduction to games development, programming for mobile applications, video editing, post-video, production, logo design and storyboarding.

Current tablet i’m using is the 13HD Wacom Cintiq.

Question: How long do commissions take?
Answer: Allow between one month to one year turnaround for commissions. Larger/more complex commissions will result in a longer wait time.
Delays may occur due to one or more factors, including but not limited to:

HealthOrder of commissionComplexity of commissionWork, school, or family issuesIf any of the above issues occur, you will be notified immediately.

Question: Is there anything you won't draw?
Answer: Yes, I will not accept commissions with content including, but not limited to: Excessive Gore, Self-Harm, Scat, Urine, Babyfur, Underage NSFW and Illegal actions such as Drug use & Abuse.

Question: Can I use your art for ____________?
Answer: Do not use my art or any art I've made for commissioners without mine or their explicit consent.

Question: Can I draw your characters?
Answer: Of course you can! No need to ask me at all!